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Carnival in Colognes Gastronomy

Alaaf - you have never heard this expression? It is the typical greeting during the carnival in Cologne, the so called “fifth season” of the year. It begins on November 11th at 11:11 am and ends with a one week festival full of parties and parades. An event that effects the local gastronomy immensely.

The boom of organic and local products in gastronomy

Few industries are as „trendy“ as the gastronomy. One trendy and cool drink follows another. Concerning the meals, new trends appear: 2012, a strong trend towards healthy food is clearly visible since three of the Top Trends of the gastronomy are aimed at living a healthier life.

Gastronomes, seek for honest criticism!

„Did you enjoy your meal?“ This question is mandatory while the service staff clears the table. Most of the time this will be answered with nods or a simple “All good”. Are the guests telling the truth, though? Be honest – how often do you actually criticize anything?

Why viral marketing is important to the gastronomy

Nothing is more authentic than recommendations by friends, acquaintances or relatives. If people advertise voluntarily, it means that they found a product, the service or the company to be good. This principle is the same in the gastronomy: If a guest likes the food, service or ambiance, he will surely recommend the restaurant to others.

How the internet changes the world and the food service industry

The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. Why is that? It offers new ways of communication, lets us shop online, advertise online and we can spend our spare time on the Internet. Everyday life without the world wide web is no longer imaginable. It makes a lot of things easier, is time-saving and helps us with optimizing our work processes.