How the internet changes the world and the food service industry

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The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. Why is that? It offers new ways of communication, lets us shop online, advertise online and we can spend our spare time on the Internet. Everyday life without the world wide web is no longer imaginable. It makes a lot of things easier, is time-saving and helps us with optimizing our work processes.
This trend affects the food service industry, too. By now reservations are not only noted down via pen and paper, but modern restaurateurs also make use of the digital alternatives. Many restaurants try to sort their reservations via Outlook or the Google Calendar. These solutions are only partly better than a classical reservation book since none of them are designed for an optimal display of reservations concerning the food service industry, especially restaurants. Connections between important actions of guest registration and an reservation overview are missing as well as a clearly arranged display of a higher number of reservations. daily reservations on an ipad

Digital reservation books specifically designed for the food service industry

For those reasons individual providers have already started specializing in digital reservation books that are to be managed online. Reservations are found easier and faster, creating a perfect overview for owners of restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs or coffee shops. Those online reservation books often follow computer systems that are used for guest billing. After optimizing orders, reservations are now the next step.

Advantages of an online reservation book – more service!

The advantages of a reservation book that is managed online are as obvious as they are for other digital systems used in corporations. The data gets synchronized and is therefore available everywhere. Unclear handwriting can no longer lead to confusion over orders. Furthermore restaurants can for the first time not only administrate contacts but also immediately connect them to reservations, enabling a noticeable service improvement for every guest. Individual offerings, greetings and more are new chances for every restaurateur.

What will the digital future bring for the food service industry?

The future and the resulting new ways of digitalizing our society will bring new connections and simplifications. Especially restaurateurs can benefit from the new possibilities for interaction with the guest within the restaurant, but also outside of it. Of course we will keep an eye on the developments and present them here.
by Axel von Leitner about gastronomy, reservations and internet
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