What to expect from CentralPlanner

  1. No more paperwork, illegible handwriting and erroneous notes
  2. No more transferring reservations to a second or third reservation book
  3. CentralPlanner is intuitive and easy to use, even without training
  4. Log in from anywhere, whether from the restaurant, office or on the go
  5. Runs on all operating systems and devices, whether Mac or Windows
  6. Native App for iOS and Android
  7. Up to 50 reservations per month are free! Unlimited packages from 14.90 per month.
  8. Incredibly cheap - no notice period - no risk!

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Analog was yesterday

Of course, reservations can be handwritten in a book - you can also write books with the typewriter. But you don't have to! In our digital age, there are much easier ways to manage your reservations without sacrificing the simplicity of the classic reservation book or paying more. Put an end to illegible handwriting and chaotic notes. CentralPlanner is a digital reservation software that is intuitive to use and finally creates order. And with a limited number of reservations, the reservation system is even free!

One software on all devices - CentralPlanner makes you mobile

CentralPlanner is web-based, which means you can access your reservations with your email address and password from anywhere - from your home computer, iPad at the bar or on your smartphone. Just log in and you're good to go. It doesn't matter whether you prefer Apple or Windows.

Our CentralPlanner app is optionally available for download free of charge for iOS and Android devices. 

housands are already working with CentralPlanner. That's what they say...

Andrea Schneider, Restaurant & Hotel Zieglerbräu

Everything you need

CentralPlanner - everything you need, easy to use, reliable and secure, and usable from anywhere - what more could you want from a reservation system?

Andrea Schneider, Zieglerbräu restaurant & hotel
Tim Schieferstein, Schwarzlichthelden Mainz

Quickly and easily set up

CentralPlanner sold us from the very first second: Quickly and easily set up and integrated into our website, the first reservations were received a short time later. The great thing about it is that the entire reservation process is automated, if you want it to be: displaying free play times in a clear online calendar, accepting reservations, sending reservation confirmations, etc. We save so much valuable processing time, which we can now use to take care of the customers playing with us thanks to CentralPlanner.

Tim Schieferstein, Schwarzlichthelden

Save yourself the paperwork

A classic reservation book for restaurants can be found in the restaurant at the counter and a copy may be in the office. In between, the second book must be updated and the reservations transferred again and again. A reservation system puts an end to this. Every reservation that is entered can be retrieved simultaneously from any location and device. This saves time and money.

Allow guests to book online

Optionally, you can also allow guests to book online directly through your website or Facebook page. Confirm reservations manually if desired or have some of your tables assigned automatically by the system. Incoming reservations are free of charge for you and the guest.

More service for your guest, less work for you!

Use our restaurant software permanently free of charge and without any obligation.

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CentralPlanner Features

For restaurateurs, reservations build the baseline for many daily routines. Be it planning staff, purchasing food and beverages and many more. With a number of reservations, each day can be planned and foreseen much better. Our reservations software smoothly integrates into your day and daily routines. As CentralPlanner is a cloud software, you and your staff may access all reservations data from any device such as iPads, iPhone or regular computers. That makes it easy for you to accept and enter new reservations, no matter where you're when the reservation comes in. You may store all relevant data and immediately confirm a reservation request to you guest. In the end CentralPlanner helps you keep organized and on top of the reservations of one particular day. No more outdated reservations, no more coffee on top of the guests name. CentralPlanner purely helps managing reservations.

Do you plan your tables each day by allocating guests to single tables? CentralPlanner helps you to automate this step, by simply proposing an available table right when you're accepting or entering the reservation. You might set up a priority among your tables and CentralPlanner will automatically suggest the available table with the highest priority where you can host the number of guests behind the reservation. You see, managing reservations with CentralPlanner is not only about a list of reservations but also about saving valuable time and hence money.

Doing business, one key aspect is good contact management. Therefore CentralPlanner stores the person behind each reservation for future reference and in order to directly recognize regular guests. Having a complete register of all your prior guests is then used to propose existing contacts when entering a reservation. The more regular guests you facilitate, the more time you will save when accepting reservations because CentralPlanner helps you to quickly recognize those regular guests while entering an reservation. Furthermore our reservationsbook encourages you to collect valuable information about any of you guests, so you may use these information during the next visit.

You know how hard it is to win new customers. It's much easier to work with a huge number of regular, recurring customers after you won and convinced them. By using CentralPlanner it gets way easier to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and that's one of the most important aspects in gastronomy.

Guess what - as CentralPlanner is an online service anyway, taking online reservations is just like a breeze. You may integrate the CentralPlanner form directly into your web- or Facebook page and your customers reservations will automatically be added to your reservationsbook. When using our premium plan, CentralPlanner knows your utilisation at every given point in time. So we always know when you can accept additional reservations without bothering you. By offering online reservations you kill two birds with one stone - first, your guests may book their place at any time of day. Second, you and your team doesn't have to pick up the phone or reply to emails but have more time for your guests as loads of reservations get accepted automatically.