Restaurant software for easy guest and reservation management.

Our software supports your restaurant by digitally managing your reservations. We replace your traditional reservation book.

CentralPlanner stores your restaurants reservations online.

Our software shows all reservations at your restaurant at a glance

Your guests can place reservations online – at any time and on any device

Completing your restaurant's data base with every reservation

The reservation software for your restaurant

Switching to CentralPlanner is easy and safe for your restaurant. All you need is a web-enabled device and you can manage reservations at your restaurant online, just by logging in to our restaurant software. With that you replace the traditional reservation book made out of paper with an easy to handle and well-arranged digital reservation book. Further information like preferences of a regular can be made usable permanently. Information that would get lost or forgotten in reservation book out of paper are retrievable in the long run with our reservation software.

Use CentralPlanner online at any time, at your restaurant or on mobile

It gets hectic at restaurants very easily. It is especially important during core hours that the software is intuitive and easy as well as fast to understand. That is why an easy menu navigation and optimized click paths are important to us. We offer reasonable suggestions for table reservations or help managing large parts of your reservations online. Yes, that is right – using the online reservation form your guests can place reservations online at any time. To avoid stress and save time for you and your guests.

Restaurant software creates new possibilities

Aside from supporting you in your day-to-day business, our reservation book for restaurants also helps you creating a new sales channel. You collect important data about new guests and regulars in your restaurant with every new reservation that you enter into the software. The data can be exported from our reservation software at any time to create special offers for your guests. With CentralPlanner you establish the e-mail marketing basis for your restaurant.

Give our restaurant software a try and run our 30-day free trial.




small businesses


For businesses with high utilization

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Fully automated online reservations i
Recurring reservations i
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19,90 €
59,90 €

Offers are aimed at commercial customers. All prices are in Euro plus 19% VAT.
30-day free-trial on all our plans. Cancel anytime, no payment data necessary.

It only takes seconds to add new reservations. Your guest will automatically be added as contact so you start building a contact history on the side.
No matter if you're running a restaurant with a room and a terrace or a sports center offering badminton and squash: You may add as much different rooms or reservation types as you like in order to schedule your reservations.
You may want to use CentralPlanner in order to accept online reservations via your web- or Facebook site. But that's no must, online reservations are inactive by default but can be setup by you anytime.
During regular work days, we use to answer within minutes. On the weekend you should also receive an answer during one day. If there are general technical issues, we're of course available 24 hours a day.
At our all-time free Starter plan, the number of reservations is limited to 50 per month. All other plans can hold unlimited reservations without any extra fee.
As gastronome you add all available tables within your areas (eg. room, terrace). New reservations will then be attached to a room and a table, meaning we can always say which tables are still available at a certain time. You don't need to think which tables might be available at 6pm, CentralPlanner tells you right away.
From the premium plan upwards, we always know your utilization and show only the available slots to your customer visiting the online reservation form. Both of you save time on the phone or accepting the request. Of course you can decide to review each reservation request manuelly before confirming it. It's up to you.
A group of people shows by every second friday at the same time? Add a recurring booking to your CentralPlanner and you don't ever need to copy those reservations.
Businesses with high utilization need to know even faster which tables - if any - are available for the guest hanging on the phone. Our Professional plan holds a special feature to help you see available timeslots right away.
Our plans are "all-inclusive". We don't charge for setup, online reservations etc etc. We promise.
If you're organizing events or caterings, you might want to attach files to your reservations. Our professional plan comes with 5GB of file storage for your seating plans, menues and more.
In order to reduce the number of guests that don't show up for their reservation CentralPlanner may send reminder emails the day before the reservation. You may use our template or customize it for your needs.
Set up CentralPlanner to automatically send a thank you the day after a guest visited your place. You may use this to promote your social media accounts or even ask for a rating or review.
For restaurateurs, reservations build the baseline for many daily routines. Be it planning staff, purchasing food and beverages and many more. With a number of reservations, each day can be planned and foreseen much better. Our reservations software smoothly integrates into your day and daily routines. As CentralPlanner is a cloud software, you and your staff may access all reservations data from any device such as iPads, iPhone or regular computers. That makes it easy for you to accept and enter new reservations, no matter where you're when the reservation comes in. You may store all relevant data and immediately confirm a reservation request to you guest. In the end CentralPlanner helps you keep organized and on top of the reservations of one particular day. No more outdated reservations, no more coffee on top of the guests name. CentralPlanner purely helps managing reservations.