The simple booking system for sports & fitness centers.

Manage your tennis or squash courts and sports fields with our booking system.

Organize the reservations of your sports center professional and reliable — CentralPlanner can help you with your reservations and improves your management

You are tired of managing your reservations with handwritten lists and boards? Or you want to give your guests the possibility to book online? With CentralPlanner they can place online reservations anytime and without your help. This feature makes it much easier to manage your sport courts and saves time for you. CentralPlanner helps you to accept reservations quickly and without errors. The reservations system recognizes customers who are already in the system and suggest them to you. You type in the contact information only once which makes work much more convenient.You will acquire a solid customer base, which you can contact and promote easier from now on. You have access to the data of the reservation system from any internet-enabled device: any laptop, smartphone or tablet can be used to enter and view reservations. Satisfy your customers and make your team happier by using a CentralPlanner and try it for free.

Reservierungssystem Sportcenter Buchung SquashReservierungssystem Sportcenter Buchung Squash

Manage sports center reservations easier

With the booking system CentralPlanner reservations can be accepted regardless of time or place. No matter if you are on the pitch with your phone or at your desk — all you need is a smartphone to accept a new reservation for one of your sports fields. Or let your guests book the free courts directly via online booking. Guests can book anytime and do not need to call you. Less calls for you, more flexibility for your guests! See for yourself of more advantages such as the guest management or the management of various sports.

A reservations book for longer than just one year: get to know your guests better!

With our booking system you collect important data about your guest with every reservation. How often does he play in your sports center? Could he be interested in the club championship in badminton or does he play squash only once in a while? The information will be gathered to all employees so that everyone always knows what the preferences of the guest are — even if they do not know the guest yet. With CentralPlanner every guest becomes a regular customer and thereby a satisfied customer.

Device-independent use

Our booking system runs on almost every modern technical devices. No matter if it is a Mac, a PC or a mobile device like an iPad or Android phone. The device has to be connected to the internet and needs a web browser — that’s it! You do not need to install and care about backups. That is what we will do while you care about your customer! The data is protected by multiple layers on our servers in Germany and accessible for you any time.




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For businesses with high utilization

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Offers are aimed at commercial customers. All prices are in Euro plus 19% VAT.
30-day free-trial on all our plans. Cancel anytime, no payment data necessary.

It only takes seconds to add new reservations. Your guest will automatically be added as contact so you start building a contact history on the side.
No matter if you're running a restaurant with a room and a terrace or a sports center offering badminton and squash: You may add as much different rooms or reservation types as you like in order to schedule your reservations.
You may want to use CentralPlanner in order to accept online reservations via your web- or Facebook site. But that's no must, online reservations are inactive by default but can be setup by you anytime.
During regular work days, we use to answer within minutes. On the weekend you should also receive an answer during one day. If there are general technical issues, we're of course available 24 hours a day.
At our all-time free Starter plan, the number of reservations is limited to 50 per month. All other plans can hold unlimited reservations without any extra fee.
As gastronome you add all available tables within your areas (eg. room, terrace). New reservations will then be attached to a room and a table, meaning we can always say which tables are still available at a certain time. You don't need to think which tables might be available at 6pm, CentralPlanner tells you right away.
From the premium plan upwards, we always know your utilization and show only the available slots to your customer visiting the online reservation form. Both of you save time on the phone or accepting the request. Of course you can decide to review each reservation request manuelly before confirming it. It's up to you.
A group of people shows by every second friday at the same time? Add a recurring booking to your CentralPlanner and you don't ever need to copy those reservations.
Businesses with high utilization need to know even faster which tables - if any - are available for the guest hanging on the phone. Our Professional plan holds a special feature to help you see available timeslots right away.
Our plans are "all-inclusive". We don't charge for setup, online reservations etc etc. We promise.
If you're organizing events or caterings, you might want to attach files to your reservations. Our professional plan comes with 5GB of file storage for your seating plans, menues and more.
In order to reduce the number of guests that don't show up for their reservation CentralPlanner may send reminder emails the day before the reservation. You may use our template or customize it for your needs.
Set up CentralPlanner to automatically send a thank you the day after a guest visited your place. You may use this to promote your social media accounts or even ask for a rating or review.