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Brief description

CentralPlanner is a digital reservation system that allows companies to manage reservations digitally, replacing the classic paper reservation book. At the same time, guests can make their own reservations online. CentralPlanner can therefore serve both as a pure reservation book for the restaurateur, as well as be integrated on the web or Facebook page. This way, the guest has the possibility to book at any time, since the restaurateur does not have to take the reservation in person anymore. This means for guests the reservation becomes more comfortable and the restaurant team is relieved. The contacts gained are no longer lost as with the paper version of the reservation book, but can be used, for example, to deposit special requests or to carry out marketing campaigns.

The team

The founding team of CentralPlanner consists of Axel von Leitner and Moritz Machner. The two are experienced web developers and founders of the Cologne-based software company 42he. Moritz mainly takes care of the technical issues, i.e. conception, programming, security & operation. Axel's daily routine revolves around design and usability as well as business management topics. Since 2013 an "old colleague" completes the founding team, Sven Sester. Sven already managed a student consultancy in Cologne and Stuttgart together with Axel von Leitner in 2008/2009. After three years in the agency and online environment, he now supports the founding team primarily in the area of communication. Together, the team wants to simplify the work in the hospitality industry and bring the topic of reservations into the digital millennium. CentralPlanner helps small and medium-sized gastronomy businesses to offer their guests a better service and at the same time to make sales new and easier.

The company

The company 42he was founded in 2010 by Axel von Leitner and Moritz Machner to develop user-friendly, web-based software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The term 42he describes the height of a classic server rack as found in most data centers (42 height units). Immediately after the company was founded, 42he entered the closed beta phase with its first product CentralStationCRM and a few selected test customers. The design and development of the software had begun several months earlier. In June 2011, another product was added: the digital reservation book CentralPlanner, especially for restaurateurs.

Third parties about us

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Logos & screenshots

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The day view shows all reservations of the respective day including the most important notes about the reservations. (.png)

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With CentralPlanner online reservations are possible without much installation effort. Restaurateurs and other CentralPlanner customers can integrate the reservation form directly into their website.

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A full text search is integrated in CentralPlanner, which quickly finds individual guests as well as daily notes and special days.

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