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Affiliate programs in the food and restaurant industry

Affiliate programs in the food and restaurant industry

Many people in the restaurant industry do not trust partnership programs. That is too bad because some of them offer great ways to increase the tip with little work. Those affiliate programs are worthwhile for restaurant owners and every one who knows the catering industry.

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Sustainable food and accommodation in Berlin Friedrichshain

The benches are made ​​from recycled cans. The lamps are made ​​from recycled paper. It sounds like an alternative hippie café but it is an high-class organic restaurant instead. "Bistro Bardot" and "Hotel Almodóvar" in Berlin offer quality and luxury in a very special way.

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Food Trucks - Gastronomy on Wheels

One truck, two cooks, and many colourful Burgers - Ulrich Glemnitz and Mario Binder quit their jobs about a year ago and got into the food truck business. Apparently successfully: the concept is going well. Now they want to open a restaurant.


Carnival in Colognes Gastronomy

Alaaf - you have never heard this expression? It is the typical greeting during the carnival in Cologne, the so called “fifth season” of the year. It begins on November 11th at 11:11 am and ends with a one week festival full of parties and parades. An event that effects the local gastronomy immensely.

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Google Snippets: How to have your restaurant appear in the Google search

If your restaurant appears in a list of Google search results, it will be in a brief description, a so-called snippet. What is in the snippet is important as it is the first criterion for the reader and determines whether they will click on the result or not.

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Focus on your business in the affirmation mails

Up until now, the affirmation mails for the online reservations had the title of the reservation system. In order to have the guests understand the mails as your service, we have deleted the name CentralPlanner as much as possible.

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New brand, more comfort for your reservation book

Since the beginning of the year, our reservation book has the new name CentralPlanner. Since today, a first few new innovations are available for all users.

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Five advantages of an online reservation book

The change from traditional reservation books made out of paper to computer based reservation books has been taking place for a few years now. More and more businesses that use reservations – e.g. restaurants or fitness centers – realize the advantages of a modern reservation book.

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