CentralPlanner is the easy gastronomy software for managing your reservations

Our gastronomy software manages your reservations digitally and therefore replaces the traditional reservation book made out of paper.

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CentralPlanner enables gastronomes to accept online reservations and enter them manually.

The reservation view shows your bookings at a glance

With CentralPlanner your guests can place reservations online

With our software you can use guest data in the long-term

The reservation software for gastronomes

CentralPlanner is not only a digital version of the traditional reservation book made out of paper, but it offers more far-reaching possibilities. Clearly laid-out, you can store all information about a reservation, e.g. the contact details, room and table. In addition, information that make it easier to welcome the guests warmly can be added. Is a high chair needed for a child? Is your guest vegetarian? Information that can increase the well-being of your guest tend to get lost in case you write them down on paper. This does not happen with our digital gastronomy software. The knowledge about preferences of your guests is always available for the gastronome and the service staff.

Use CentralPlanner online at any time, from within your restaurant or on mobile

Things have to get done fast within the gastronomy and there is no time for complicated software. Our reservation system is therefore deliberately designed to be easy and intuitive. Forget long training periods, forget long instructions. Still, entering a reservation takes time, so why don't you leave booking to your guests? They can see online when a table is available for the desired amount of people and can reserve at any time, from anywhere. Without having to place a phone call. This saves you and your guests time and unnecessary frustration. Especially if your guest wants to place a reservation outside of the opening hours, but for the same evening.

Software creates new possibilities for gastronomy businesses

CentralPlanner does not only manage reservations at your restaurant, it also creates a whole new sales channel. While your guests register online, you can offer them the possibilities of sending offers via e-mail. You have steak weeks or a special Christmas offer? Don't wait until your guests are at your restaurant, you can reach out to them beforehand! A sales channel that is underestimated by many gastronomes.

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For restaurateurs, reservations build the baseline for many daily routines. Be it planning staff, purchasing food and beverages and many more. With a number of reservations, each day can be planned and foreseen much better. Our reservations software smoothly integrates into your day and daily routines. As CentralPlanner is a cloud software, you and your staff may access all reservations data from any device such as iPads, iPhone or regular computers. That makes it easy for you to accept and enter new reservations, no matter where you're when the reservation comes in. You may store all relevant data and immediately confirm a reservation request to you guest. In the end CentralPlanner helps you keep organized and on top of the reservations of one particular day. No more outdated reservations, no more coffee on top of the guests name. CentralPlanner purely helps managing reservations.