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Display the most important facts of the day as well as a custom note directly.
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Each reservation contains all the important information.

Easily and quickly accept new reservations...

For a regular guest, the phone number and e-mail address, as well as the name of the guest, are filled in automatically.
Enter your reservation directly into the form. CentralPlanner supports you with the auto-completion of existing information. Start your free trial.
Previously defined areas can be selected directly and easily.

... or let the guest make the reservation himself directly

Your guests can see directly on which days you are open and how and can receive a direct reservation confirmation.
Online reservations can be taken with ease. In the Premium package we know your available capacity and can therefore confirm the reservation to the guest live and without manual work. Start your free trial.
Inform the guest about special offers and promotions.

Take a close look at your regular guests

Contact details and comments for better service.
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The latest reservations with comments and all other information directly at a glance.

The innovative reservation system for your restaurant

Quick navigation through your reservations.
CentralPlanner - Enter and view reservations quickly, easily and conveniently. More service for your gastronomy. Start your free trial.
You can find contacts or bookings using the search.

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Simple..Taking reservations, managing and allocating tables has never been easier.

Convenient..Names are completed, table planning is automatically taken care of and simple reports show the most important details at a glance.

Service-oriented..The customer is king - our reservation system helps you organize and improve your service.

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