Your daily reservations on one page

You may enter daily notes or block the whole day for any kind of event.
CentralPlanner keeps track of all your reservations.CentralPlanner keeps track of all your reservations.
Each reservation shows the important information such as the number of guests or the guests name.
You will find all reservations grouped by the day. You just need this one page to see all customers that have planned to show up on that day. You may also enter new reservations by clicking the favored time. Start your free trial.

Accept and register new reservations within seconds...

When registering reservations for your regular customers, the phone number and other details are filled out automatically.
Submit and save bookings within seconds.Submit and save bookings within seconds.
Your areas or different booking types can be set up once and easily be used immediately.
You simply submit the booking details into our booking mask instead of scribbling them into an regular book. CentralPlanner uses auto-complete to assist you. Start your free trial.

... or put your customer in charge for booking

When booking online, your customers directly see available timeslots. They may even receive an automated confirmation via mail.
Online Reservations relieve the service teamOnline Reservations relieve the service team
Market your business by informing customers about special offers.
You might want to use our online reservation service in order to relieve your service staff. When more and more reservations are submitted online, the service crew has more time for pleasing your customers. Start your free trial.

An innovative yet easy to use reservation system for small businesses

CentralPlanner Online reservation managementCentralPlanner Online reservation management

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