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More than your classic reservations book

Handwritten booking calendars usually are confusing. In addition "classic" reservation books no longer correspond to modern gastronomy. CentralPlanner allows you to automate the reservation process and thus avoid errors and discover new potentials. The online reservation book CentralPlanner offers the possibility to enter personal and customer-related data as well as remarks. In this way, you can react quickly to situations and comfortably meet customer requirements. One reason for this is the constant availability of CentralPlanner. You can access your database with guest data anytime and anywhere, staying mobile and saving valuable time in your daily work. Furthermore, central access (e.g. via smartphone, iPad or laptop) simplifies your organization of operations, optimizes your service and creates a better overview. You can allocate tables directly at the time of reservation, saving time and personnel costs. Further savings result from the customer's reservation confirmations, which you can use to adjust your personnel planning exactly. Reservations can be easily, quickly and conveniently recorded, retrieved and tracked.


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Reservations - View and register online from anywhere at any time

Reservations are the starting point for the daily organisation of a catering business. CentralPlanner simplifies your operations in several ways. You have access to your online reservation book anytime and anywhere through appropriate devices such as a smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc. Entries in the online reservation book can therefore always be made, no matter where you are. Enter all data of the reservation, select the number of persons and the room for your guests. An absolute top service is the entry of customer requests in the comments field. Once you have entered a reservation, you can send your guest a confirmation of the reservation in the form of an e-mail with one click. Your guests will feel safer and know that their reservation is correct. CentralPlanner offers you an optimal overview of reservations even on heavily booked days. Changes can be entered easily and without crossing through. In addition, you can precisely record, view and change customer data and personal remarks - very conveniently. This creates a closer relationship with the customer.

Features at a glance

  • Can be entered from anywhere and from any device
  • More security for your guests through automatic reservation confirmation
  • The number of reservations at a glance
  • Assigning different rooms and terraces
  • Comments on the reservation
  • Conveniently from a smartphone, iPad or laptop
  • Processing a reservation without crossing-out
  • Responding to the wishes of guests

Table management - fully automatic allocation of guests to your tables

Do you allocate your reservations to different tables every night before work starts? With CentralPlanner you save this step. The system can automatically assign your reservations to the tables you have entered. Simple presettings in your personal CentralPlanner save you personnel and effort. Standard reservations are handled by the system itself. However, you can still enter the reservation process manually for more complex postings

CentralPlanner thinks with you

  • Standards are regulated by the system itself
  • Automated allocation of reservations to tables
  • Manual allocation is also possible
  • Saving of working time and effort
  • Possible savings in personnel
  • Define the tables in the settings
  • Organize tables according to priority
  • Easy to change the table assignment
Combine tables when one table is not enough.
Combine tables when one table is not enough.

Collect guest data - get to know your guests

The most important thing in business life is good contacts! CentralPlanner automatically stores the contact data of your guests for each registered reservation. Simply note your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address when making your reservation and call them up conveniently from any location. Within a very short time you can collect several thousand guest data. Improve your service by addressing your guests directly and responding individually to their wishes. With each visit you get to know your guests better and can thus improve your offer. You know when and how often a guest visited you. Inform your guests even when they are not at your restaurant - where you now have the contact details you can simply send offers and menus by e-mail.

CentralPlanner makes it easy for you to know more about your guests

  • Enter name and address
  • Collect several thousands of contacts in a very short time
  • Direct communication possibilities with your guests by e-mail, telephone or SMS
  • When was the last time a guest was with you?
  • How often was a guest with you?
  • Why hasn't he been with you for so long?
  • Improve your service and quality
  • Write down the wishes of the guest

Regulars - The capital of the restaurateur

In short - welcome, convince, reward and consolidate! Regular guests are the capital of every restaurateur. The more regular guests, the more turnover is guaranteed and secured in the long term. With the CentralPlanner guest data management you have the possibility to use your knowledge about guests even better. Get to know the preferences of your guests!

  • Greeting regular guests with information from the system
  • Reward regular guests with information from the history
  • Regular guests only need to register once → Saving time on reservations
  • Emphasize the importance of the guest

CentralPlanner - BOX on your website and Facebook

Online reservation made easy! Use CentralPlanner directly on your website and offer more service and booking security for your guests. CentralPlanner allows guests to reserve seats directly and live online. You set how many seats you automatically release for reservation. Up to this number, the system posts the reservations directly and confirms them automatically by e-mail. The reservation will then automatically appear in your reservation book. You have almost no more work with most of your reservations! Guests with large enquiries will receive an e-mail that they will be called back by you.

Let guests make reservations easily online

  • With the CentralPlanner - BOX on your website guests can book directly live
  • You set the number of seats you want to allocate automatically
  • Guests automatically receive confirmation of reservation
  • The reservation appears automatically in your reservation book
  • Guests with large enquiries will receive an e-mail to be called back
  • Integration of the box on Facebook is also possible

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