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CentralPlanner is a product from 42he, a software company from Cologne. Our goal is to facilitate the daily work of small and medium-sized businesses with lean and simple software in dealing with their customers.

Rana Papachatzakis


With Persian roots, a Greek family and Rhenish temperament, Rana answers the questions of our customers. Her experience from being in different tech companies, sales and gastronomy helps her to understand and support the customers every day.

Simon Boeffgen


Simon is 42he's 'Mr. Support'. In tickets and on the phone he helps you out, always friendly with words and deeds. As a convinced Windows user, Simon can help in places that often drove us to despair. If he's not answering questions, Simon is supporting the distribution of CentralStationCRM.

Jan Bück


Jan has been working as a simultaneous interpreter for user and IT languages for a long time. The cosmopolitan Rhinelander easily manages to bridge the gap between the needs of our customers and those of the IT department. As a passionate coach, Jan's focus is always on helping people get ahead - and that fits perfectly with 42he.

Patrick Smandzich


The security of our applications is Patrick's specialty. As a certified penetration tester, he asks the wicked questions and takes on internal security audits. In classic IT development, Patrick is also so early that he is already chasing down the country road on his moped while others are still tinkering for a long time.

Moritz Machner


The second founder in the team is Moritz, Mo. As a textbook example of a computer scientist, he is responsible for the technical areas at 42he, which means in particular the programming, security and operation of the systems. If you do not get to see him during the day, you'll end up with sophisticated programming art.

Arne Buchner


Arne is a developer at 42he. As a computer scientist with over 15 years of development experience, he has particular expertise in dealing with large amounts of data and the integration of various web systems. Like everyone else in our team, Arne regularly answers our customer's questions in support.

Moritz Breit


Moritz leads the software development of 42he and is at the same time a mastermind and many times a good role model. His years of experience have saved us many an hour of research. Moritz is a nerd in the best sense. He loves IT and is happy about free weekends to finally try out a new Linux distribution.

Joachim Hoss


As the IT department's “Jack of all trades”, Joachim takes care of system administration, software development for our back-end and various dev-ops tasks. For a man his size, his fondness for small dogs is remarkable and his Japanese is better than our English. Not that we would need it, but it is kind of cool.

René Kilczan


René is a passionate Android developer and responsible for the mobile section at 42he. The CentralStationCRM Android App is made by his pen, or keyboard.

Axel von Leitner


Axel, along with Moritz, is the founder of 42he - the company behind CentralStationCRM. If he's not programming or working on the business topics of 42he, he's in Mission Bootstrapping. Axel burns for business formation without external capital.

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