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December 2022


February 2022

Out now: CentralPlanner App for iOS and Android

CentralPlanner is now also available as an app for iOS or Android devices.  Download the app directly for free and manage your reservations even more conveniently. Download for iOS Device...

October 2020

Improved reservation tracking

Who did that? And what exactly was changed? Questions like this are asked quite frequently when a whole team of waiters or receptionists with different work schedules are taking reservations. Some of those records were already listed. But in order to make reservations and changes to them even more comprehensible, we’ve significantly increased the level of detail in reservation histories. In addition to that, not only will any important changes to attributes like notes or tables be visible in the reservation history. If you click the link “show details” next to a reservation on your dashboard, you can see them, too.We hope that this addition will clear up one or two confusions in the future!

September 2020

Reducing “no shows”

After receiving some really useful customer feedback we’ve decided to take another look at CentralPlanner’s handling of “no shows”. You know, those people who make a reservation but don’t show up in the end. A few days ago we introduced a couple of improvements in that area. Here’s what changed: As soon as you mark a reservation as “no show”, the contact who made it gets tagged. If they ask you for another reservation, it will be much harder to miss that at least on one occasion they didn’t show up in the past. If guests tagged as “no show” book online, they get a message on the website that their reservation is yet to be confirmed - even if you set up your registration form to “automatic allocation and confirmation”. That gives you the chance to address this or even refuse the reservation. From now on, tags like “no show” or others will also show up on your dashboard. In case you’ve reconciled with your guest, maybe because they convinced you that it’s been an isolated case, you can remove the “no show” tag from their contact. You will still be able to check their “no show rate” on their contact page, but they will be able to register online again without you having to confirm it.  The “no show rate” will tell you how often your contact showed up and how often they turned out to be absent. We’ve enabled this feature for all of your contacts. So if you’ve confirmed their attendance or marked them as no shows in the past, you can check their no show rate, too. We’d like to thank all of our users who provided us with the idea. We hope it improved your daily work with CentralPlanner and has a positive impact on your guests keeping their appointments. Let us know!

January 2014


Monthly calendar view for your reservations

Today we released another great update: a monthly calendar view that helps you plan and organize events by giving you the necessary overview on your utilization. Just go to the homepage of your reservation system in order to switch to the monthly calendar. We're sure that helps.

September 2013

general, hardware and speed

Deeper integration of reservations software and helpdesk

Since this weekend we've deepened the integration of our reservations software for restaurants and our support and help system CentralDesk. You may now use a similar login and will automatically be logged in when visiting the helpdesk software from within your CentralPlanner account.

New hardware increases page load time even more

It's just been some days since we replaced the CentralPlanner hardware / servers and so far we're pretty happy with the effect on page load time when using the reservations book or when booking a table online. On average the page load times have been reduced by more than 30%, making CentralPlanner probably the fastest reservations service available. We hope you now enjoy using CentralPlanner even more and we promise to further improve speed and page load times during the next weeks. We're currently working on some improvements that will finally lead to another increase in speed. Thanks for using CentralPlanner!

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