New Online Reservations feature: automatized reservations

The changes are visible in the new “overview” tab as well as in the settings of the CentralPlanner accounts. It is not only possible to customize different rooms within your business (for example, hall or terrace), but you can now also assign tables to these rooms. Additionally you can decide which tables are to be organized online by the CentralPlanner.

The new CentralPlanner advantages

Let's put ourselves into your guest's place. They visit the restaurant's website, browse through the menu or are a regular already and just want to place a quick reservation. Normally they would have to pick the phone, a member of the restaurant's staff would have to pick up the call, open the reservation book and check whether a table is available at their desired time. Perhaps your website already has a form that sends the guest's reservation data via mail. Even then, the simple reservation process is connected to manual effort. Additionally, your guest is bound to your opening hours or has to wait until their mail is answered.

How was it if your guest got a automatized reservation confirmation online, immediately and without your manual confirmation and without having to check the reservation book? The website used for reservations will be always up-to-date with the percentage of capacity filled. With CentralPlanner this option is now available. Most online reservations can be made and confirmed without any manual effort on your side. Only large reservations and reservations made when you're almost fully booked require your confirmation.


Axel von Leitner

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