Treating your guests right: The first golden rule of greeting them

The food service industry has a code of conduct and standards of service. Today we’re starting with the first golden rule: greeting your guests. More rules concerning the food service industry will follow.
Your guest enters the restaurant. The experienced staff members recognize the married couple as regulars, but your newly employed staff members may not. They will welcome the guests in a friendly manner, but without calling them by name and lead them to a table that is not their regular one. The couple will be irritated. The new staff members, however, won't even know they've made a mistake.

Collecting information about your guests

Situations like this one can be avoided. The online reservation book CentralPlanner offers you the opportunity to gather all kinds of important information and data about a guest. This way all staff members are always fully informed about incoming guests and their preferences. Even the newly employed members of staff are able to recognize the married couple, call them by name and lead them to their regular table.

This contacts tool within the CentralPlanner will ease data storage for you. You can find regulars, new customers and even those customers that only frequent your restaurant a few times a year. Within the data base you can search, correct and complete. If the married couple drinks the same wine every time, you can add that information to your data base. Your service is optimized and the impression on the guest is a good and lasting one.

A small gesture with a big impact: a kind greeting is essential in the food service industry. Especially customers you are greeting for the first time will feel well attended to.
by Axel von Leitner about golden rules, gastronomy, greeting and guests
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