It is especially important for restaurants: The first impression

Three seconds are not much. This is why it is so important to create a friendly atmosphere through easy but effective methods. You want your guests to feel comfortable immediately.

Greeting your guests

Greeting your guest is one of the most important factors of the first impression. We have already talked about it on this blog. A capable and friendly appearance of the staff cannot be underestimated in its importance. If you know your guests already, always make sure to greet them by name. You might guess it - a reservations software can of course help. creating atmosphere is important for every restaurant

The setting

The setting within the restaurant is also important. Are the rooms well aired and tempered, bright and friendly, clean and orderly? Fitting decoration (for example, according to the season) are just as inviting as handwritten menus with the current week's offers. Be sure to create a personal and individual setting that defines your restaurant and makes it unique in comparison to the competition. How is the lighting in your restaurant? Do you have enough daylight streaming in or do you prefer to support it with indirect lighting? Remember that it shouldn't be too bright or dark in the evenings. Lamps that can be dimmed are optimal for adapting to every situation. Of course the classical candles ought to be on the tables. They create an inviting and warm atmosphere for your restaurant. Make sure that the service staff takes care of them because too often candles are being ignored by them.

Don't forget the acoustics

Subconsciously, acoustics are an important part of the first impression on your guests, too. Do you have a loud echo in your rooms? Try out curtains or something similar on the walls. Especially if fewer guests are present, the background music needs to be unobtrusive and tasteful to give your guests privacy. On the other hand, a silent restaurant is not inviting and can seem empty and dead.

The first impression counts. Taking this easy tips into account can go a long way with your guests. Whether they come back or not depends on you.


Axel von Leitner

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