Restaurant guide: How to handle a guest’s special wishes

The term “special wishes” scares many restaurateurs off. For some guests wishes this may be entirely justified. Some ask for the most exotic side dishes or drinks that are not accessible on the European continent. Special wishes like those can present the service staff with unsolvable tasks and may lead to having to deny the guests what they asked for, something no one wants.

Use special wishes to your advantage

The guest's special wishes are not a problem for the modern, web-using restaurateur. With CentralPlanner you can take a note of a special wish, save it and retrieve it at any time, so you will be ready for the guest's visit and able to make his wish come true. If a guest only eats lactose-free foods, they can state that during their first visit and give you the chance to actively prepare for the guest. Through noting that detail down you guarantee your guest a handling of his visits that is adjusted to his special wishes. This is why the our reservations software allows you to use your guest's special wishes to your advantage. managing regular guests within the online reservationsbook CentralPlanner

Individual treatment of your guests as a basis for the future

To be able to fulfill a guest's individual wish means offering on a long-term basis what he wants and therefore leads to you not only promising fulfillment of wishes, but guaranteeing it. On the one hand, this makes taking orders easier for your service staff as they already know what to expect. On the other hand, the guest gets a very individually adjusted treatment.

Special wishes lead to regular guests

When choosing his favorite restaurant, a guest has lots of options on what to base his decision on. By using CentralPlanner you are able to ease his decision in regards of personal guest treatment. If the guest shows of for the first time and asks for a table by the window, you just note it down in the CentralPlanner. Now, when the guest calls again to make reservations, your service staff member is able to offer him the same table again. The guest enjoys special and individual treatment the moment he starts making his reservations.


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