Automated online reservations and table management for our reservation software

CentralPlanner is now able to place automatic reservations and help with the table management. What advantages does that have?
Table management for a Friday evening needs to be done. In the food service industry that's a process that has to be well-planned and sorted. Are the tables distributed reasonably? Are the regulars at their preferred tables? Is there room for guests without reservations? A long and time-consuming process that can only be done by experienced members of your service staff. The digital reservation book CentralPlanner will now make this process considerably easier.

No information get lost

You as well as your guests are able to place reservations beforehand. The reservation system saves all information, synchronizes them and avoids losing important details: a note fell down and resulted in a reservation for several people vanishing? Irritating. This cannot happen any longer. CentralPlanner takes it a step further: it reserves the tables you wanted reserved in your table management automatically.

The digital reservation book thinks of everything

You don't need to be worried that we assign the tables without considering your table preferences. Table management with CentralPlanner is a well-thought-out process. The system knows the order in which you assign tables and takes it into consideration. After entering your priority for tables only once the information will be saved and used. This way your reservation for four people will be seated at your best table in front of the window instead of being in the left back corner.

The finishing touches

If something does not work out, you as a restaurateur give it the finishing touches: a reassuring look and every guest can be content at their tables. The service staff knows about special wishes and offers, is able to address the guests by name and is therefore well-prepared for successful service.
by Axel von Leitner about reservations, table management and CentralPlanner
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Who's behind all this?

CentralPlanner is probably the easiest reservation software you will find. We are solving many of the problems that arise when using a regular reservation book for your reservations: The reservation book is behind the bar, not where you are. It is oftentimes cluttered and obviously never heard about this online reservation thing.