Creating the perfect ambiance at your restaurant

Interior is an important topic that many restaurateurs have problems with. Just thinking about it brings never-ending questions. Are the table settings still modern enough? Are renovation works needed? If so, should the rooms be changed altogether? Going through all of those questions, one more important factor is often left out: the ambiance.
Those questions often get their answers too fast and without much thinking. Numerous restaurateurs choose to invest a lot of money into furniture and decor. More often than not this decision leads to financial problems for those restaurants. Seldom do these investments lead to more than a self-satisfied image cultivation. Guests may notice the changed but they are generally more focused on more elementary factors: service and quality.

Focus on appreciating your guests

Those misjudgments are more than just expensive, they often also turn out to be bad investments. That your guests do not care much for your interior becomes visible through little to none feedback concerning you renovation works or decor. Of course you sometimes have guests who ask after the manufacturer of your cutlery, but those are the exception and not the rule.

Not your interior, but the ambiance is essential

Whether your guests feel comfortable in your restaurant or not depends more on your ambiance than on expensive furniture. It's your service staff that can make your guests feel welcomed and content. We can safely assume that the more important factor is not your interior, but choosing your service staff wisely. Should your guest have to return a dish because of a mistake in taking the orders made by the service staff, sitting on a designer chair will not appease him.

Our takeaway would be to focus on customer service and creating the right ambiance first. If your restaurant has problems serving all guests even though you haven't refurbished for ages, thats probably the best compliment you could get.
by Axel von Leitner about interior, ambiance and guests
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