The boom of organic and local products in gastronomy

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Few industries are as „trendy“ as the gastronomy. One trendy and cool drink follows another. Concerning the meals, new trends appear: 2012, a strong trend towards healthy food is clearly visible since three of the Top Trends of the gastronomy are aimed at living a healthier life.
Within this article, we will concentrate on organic products and the boom of local products.

Organic products are on the rise

It can be discussed if organic products are really better. Furthermore, not everything that says “organic” actually is organic and no one can say for sure if organic tomatoes really taste better than those from a greenhouse. Despite that, a clear trend towards organic food is visible. Restaurants advertise their food as coming from organic farming and most of the guests like it. The variety of organic drinks seems to be never-ending, either. Vegetarian and vegan food is also becoming more and more popular. People's attitude towards eating meat-free has changed radically. Guests like products that are good for the body and the soul.

Boom of local products

Strawberries from China, eggs from the Netherlands, potatoes from Egypt? Often we do not know where our food comes from. This is why German consumers place more and more importance on the question of origin – they put the most trust into local producers. Fresh, honest and natural food is what they want. The gastronomy understands this trend and makes use of local ingredients. This trend is good because local specialties deserve to be supported. Guests appreciate offers of local dishes. Similar to organic products, those may sometimes be a little more expensive than the usual products but will also be less burdened with pollution.

Reaction to the new common sicknesses?

One can't eat nuts, the other one can't drink milk and the third one is allergic to flavor enhancers. Some people may laugh at those “fashionable complaints” but they become common sicknesses more and more. This can be clearly seen as there are constantly new products for those intolerances.

The gastronomy reacts to problems like intolerances of, for example, lactose or gluten, too. More and more dishes are also offered as a gluten-free alternative and many cafes and bars offer hot beverages with lactose-free milk.

So what are trends that you have noticed in cafes, bars or restaurants you've visited?

by Axel von Leitner about organic, trends, dishes and gastronomy
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