How to spot a good restaurant

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To spot a good restaurant at first glance is not always easy. In many cases it takes the guest until the main course to know that they do not want to frequent the restaurant again. There are a few clues, though, that can indicate a lack of quality.

While choosing a restaurant, guests can pay attention to the following factors. Gastronomes should be aware of them.

Mouth-to-mouth propaganda

Benefit from other guest's experiences and ask for opinions on a specific restaurant. Is it usually filled to the last table? Perfect. Many guests are seldom wrong. If a restaurant is successful, there must be reason for it. Having to wait for a table for a little while will probably be worth it.

Less is more, that also counts for restaurants

Pay attention to the menu. If it offers too many different dishes, they might not be freshly cooked. An offering of different dishes, among them changing daily dishes and seasonal products, are an indicator that the meals are freshly cooked.


One of the criteria for how comfortable guests will feel in a restaurant is hygiene. A first clue about how clean a restaurant is can be the air. If it smells fresh and clean, the restaurant will probably be sanitary and clean. Should a stale smell hit you upon opening the door, you might want to reconsider staying and actually eating at the restaurant. If airing is not important to the staff, cleaning might not be, either.

Its staff tells a lot about a restaurant

Just like the rest of the restaurant, the staff needs to be orderly, too. Grubby clothes do not indicate a lot of effort put in by the staff. The tables tell a story, too: Clean, tidy tablecloths, full salt and pepper shaker and maybe a flower or a candle show engagement.

What the stars tell us

The restaurant guide “Guide Michelin” can also be consulted. Restaurants all over the world are judged by a system using stars. Criteria are harmony of ingredients, the chef's creativity, consistent quality of ingredients and dishes and the cost-performance ratio. Restaurants with stars are, however, more expensive.

The “Gault Millau”

Another good guide is the “Gault Millau”. Criteria are similarly a consistent quality and the cost-performance ratio. Instead of awarding stars, this guide uses chef's hats. Those who mind these important criteria, will not be disappointed as much.

by Axel von Leitner about restaurant and quality
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