Five advantages of an online reservation book

Almost every restaurateur, hair dresser and trainer has to organize his guests reservations. We will take a look at the 5 most important advantages that an online reservation book has.

1. Well-arranged presentation of the days reservations

Creased notes, torn pages and coffee stains on the reservation book as well as cancellations and guests that have been inserted in-between make the reservation overview confusing. This will not happen with an online reservation book since the reservations are always well and clearly arranged.

2. Reservation book is available everywhere

One of the biggest advantages of an online reservation book is its availability, no matter where and when. Checking the reservations can be done from everywhere – at the restaurant, office, on the way or at home. Unlike the traditional reservation book, several people and systems can use the online reservation book at the same time.

3. Less work for you, more service for your guests

Being online offers the possibility for the guests to book a table without any help from the staff. This is not only comfortable and easy for the guest as he does not have to wait for the restaurant to open, but it also saves time and energy for the staff. They do not have to accept every reservation themselves because a big part of them can be placed automatically. Less phone calls during your work time means more service for the guests who are already at your restaurant.

4. Fast service without a long search

You need information about a past reservation? This can take a while with your paper reservation book. Sometimes the staff even has to look in a book of the last year to find the reservation. You do not have this problem with an online reservation book. Furthermore, entering reservations can be done faster as well, especially if the guest has been at the restaurant before. When typing in the first letter of the guests last name – the online system will give you a list of guests who had booked a table before.

5. Long-term use of the reservation data

Traditional reservation books will be thrown away at the end of the year or stored in a back room where they slowly gather dust. In any case there is no long-term use of the data possible. Web-based reservation books save the data and can build up the client base, e.g., by sending newsletter. Information about the guests like their preferences or allergies will be stored and can be re-used easily.

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