New brand, more comfort for your reservation book

Since the beginning of the year, our reservation book has the new name CentralPlanner. Since today, a first few new innovations are available for all users.
The web form has been adjusted to the new design and now has a more modern look. At the same time, we changed the procedure of the form for online reservations, so that you can soon choose between different layouts for embedding into your website. Next to the big reservation mask, a thinner design can be embedded directly. As soon as those changes are available you will find out here and in your system.

Furthermore, we made the registration process easier and fast, so that you can register more quickly to try out our reservation book.

by Axel von Leitner about features, CentralPlanner and online reservations-eu
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Who's behind all this?

CentralPlanner is probably the easiest reservation software you will find. We are solving many of the problems that arise when using a regular reservation book for your reservations: The reservation book is behind the bar, not where you are. It is oftentimes cluttered and obviously never heard about this online reservation thing.