Update regarding : Improved reservation tracking

Who did that? And what exactly was changed? Questions like this are asked quite frequently when a whole team of waiters or receptionists with different work schedules are taking reservations.

Some of those records were already listed. But in order to make reservations and changes to them even more comprehensible, we’ve significantly increased the level of detail in reservation histories.

In addition to that, not only will any important changes to attributes like notes or tables be visible in the reservation history. If you click the link “show details” next to a reservation on your dashboard, you can see them, too.

We hope that this addition will clear up one or two confusions in the future!

Who's behind all this?

CentralPlanner is probably the easiest reservation software you will find. We are solving many of the problems that arise when using a regular reservation book for your reservations: The reservation book is behind the bar, not where you are. It is oftentimes cluttered and obviously never heard about this online reservation thing.

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