The perfect preparation for a successful evening at the restaurant

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To prepare the evening and the forthcoming tasks is an important part of the daily routine at any restaurant. The orders have to be placed long beforehand, the seating plans have to be made and needs of special guests have to be discussed. These and other questions of details are an important part of the optimal preparation at every restaurant.
Any restaurant evening starts long before the first guests arrive. On the one side, the kitchen supplies fresh food and prepares special dishes. On the other side, the personnel and the restaurant manager have to prepare the rooms. This task starts with turning on the light and ends with opening the door for the guests. Everything that happens in between can be decisive over the evening's success.

An evening at a restaurant has to be well organized

It is important that you have made the data about any guest retrievable and have discussed it with the staff long before you have the first guest take a seat. On the one hand you will need perfect seating arrangements and on the other hand, it is necessary to be optimally prepared for requests of individual guests. Does a guest bring children with him, is a vegetarian seated at the table or does anyone have allergies? These questions have to be answered beforehand in order to achieve a perfect evening that goes off smoothly. What can help with all of those tasks is a modern reservations software – although it does not replace intuition for the guest's needs. A software, however, can certainly help enormously with the preparation of your perfect evening.

Seating plans for an optimal use to capacity

The seating in your restaurant must be planned conscientiously, because making a mistake can lead to losses and having to reject walk-in customers. Should you arrange your seating manually, doing a precise division is indispensable. Which guest wants to sit where and how long do they stay on average? Try to give regulars their usual tables and use your capacity efficiently. This process may take a while, especially at larger restaurants. You have the option to simplify your planning by using a software. CentralPlanner offers you to automatize these steps while still being able to change important settings manually. This way you can get digital help with your workload without losing the ability to do certain important tasks yourself.

The preparation of your evening – always special and often diverse

In the end you have to find your own way of planning an evening optimally. Every restaurant differs and has their own characteristics. Contemplate what tasks have to be fulfilled and structure those in a way that guarantees a perfect evening.
by Axel von Leitner about gastronomy, golden rules and preparation
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