Restaurants use our reservations software to easily accept and manage their reservations.

CentralPlanner is addictively easy to use – for your staff and your customers.

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Grow your customer base only by managing your restaurant reservations.

Reservations software such as CentralPlanner replace the traditional, handwritten reservations books in restaurants. That brings a great value to both sides – to customers as well as to gastronomes.
Customers enjoy the convenience of booking online at any time and prefer this rather than waiting in the queue. Restaurant owners leverage an online reservations software to increase productivity by reducing the time spend for manually taking reservations by phone, fax or email. Another huge advantage of digital reservations software is that restaurants build automatically a solid customer database. Every reservation increases the marketable base of potential returning customers — this offers huge potential for gastro marketing.

  • Manage your reservations easily
    Digital reservations software for restaurants.
  • Get to know your customers
    Build a solid customer database you can address.
  • Working on any device
    You may use our reservations software with your tablet, notebook, PC or smartphone.

Accept new reservations for your restaurant easily

You may accept reservations for your restaurant disregarding from time, location and the device that is with you. You may even get online bookings when your business is closed. Our reservations software helps you to decrease the amount of customer loss because now people can book at any time.
Our intelligent interface also helps you to accept reservations at a high pace. Give CentralPlanner a test run and try other benefits such as automated table management or the customer database for your restaurant.

Reservations software not only for one year — build long-term relationships

By using CentralPlanner you have the possibility to get to know your customers better. You may collect relevant data within the reservations software and do not need to change to a new reservation book by the end of the year, as it is the case with a traditional reservations book. What is Mr. Smiths favorite table, wine and more? From now on these information can be shared with your staff, so everybody can learn from each other. The reservations software will be the central knowledge database for your restaurant.

Clear illustrations that show restaurant utilisation and allow capacity planning

With the dashboard you have all the information you need at a glance. You immediately see the utilisation of each upcoming day and have a solid basis for planning staff and purchasing food. New online reservations are listed within the dashboard as well so you have the direct feedback of how potential marketing promotions pay out. And with the dashboard of our reservations software you are only one step apart from accepting another reservation.

Accept and manage your reservations on any device

Our reservations software works with nearly every device that has online access and a browser to surf the web. You may use CentralPlanner with your laptop, iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet computer. After logging into your account you have access to all your reservations. And the best of using software as a service: You do not even need to worry about backups or security updates. That is all on us.

Give CentralPlanner a try and see how it works for your restaurant.

For restaurateurs, reservations build the baseline for many daily routines. Be it planning staff, purchasing food and beverages and many more. With a number of reservations, each day can be planned and foreseen much better. Our reservations software smoothly integrates into your day and daily routines. As CentralPlanner is a cloud software, you and your staff may access all reservations data from any device such as iPads, iPhone or regular computers. That makes it easy for you to accept and enter new reservations, no matter where you're when the reservation comes in. You may store all relevant data and immediately confirm a reservation request to you guest. In the end CentralPlanner helps you keep organized and on top of the reservations of one particular day. No more outdated reservations, no more coffee on top of the guests name. CentralPlanner purely helps managing reservations.