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A new CentralPlanner feature is the Dashboard which as your first address contains many important informations at one glance. You can see the last reservations and number of guests for the upcoming week and decline or confirm open reservations.
A few weeks ago CentralPlanner introduced a new feature – the Dashboard. We designed a site meant to help the restaurateur with having all the important information at one glance next to the normal reservations of the day. The dashboard within the restaurant software consists of three important elements: the week overview, open reservations and development of reservations.

The week overview helps with planning your week

In the right-handed top corner of the overview you can now find an overview of the current week and see how many guests have reserved a table at your restaurant at a specific day. Total amount of guests is also shown, so that you can see how well-booked a day is. This way you can start planning how much service or kitchen staff you need at one glance.

Managing your open reservations directly and easily

Should you use our web version, you will notice this function right away. Our web reservations work semiautomatic and only reserves tables automatically if the system recognizes the resource as 100% free. Should a reservation be seen as not possible by the system, the guest will be informed and you can find the reservation at top of your Dashboard. This way you can react to the request and contact the guest to find another date for his reservation. Confirming or reclining the reservation leads to either entering it into the system or deleting it directly. This function offers a optimal overview of web-reservations.

The development of the reservations gives you an easy understanding of the process

In this area of the Dashboard you are shown the last confirmed reservations, so that you can quickly see who made a reservation and when. If a guest calls to have a reservation “for this afternoon” changed, you can easily find and change it. You also have a very good overview of what reservations the web-reservation system has made automatically.

Everything important at one glance – the Dashboard

The Dashboard is an important address for the whole evening at your restaurant. You can see any important new at one glance and are able to react fast to new requests, saving time and upgrading your service.
by Axel von Leitner about CentralPlanner and reservations
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CentralPlanner is probably the easiest reservation software you will find. We are solving many of the problems that arise when using a regular reservation book for your reservations: The reservation book is behind the bar, not where you are. It is oftentimes cluttered and obviously never heard about this online reservation thing.